Yamaha YDP142R Digital Piano – Bench, Piano Book Included

One thing that everyone agrees on is that…

Yamaha has a huge number of great performing digital pianos in the market.Yamaha YDP-142 Digital Piano

Earlier we have discussed about Yamaha Arius YDP 181 Digital Piano that was a feature loaded digital piano, but it didn’t suit everyone’s pocket.

That’s why we decided to find out a digital piano with similar specifications and the one that comes in a comparative price range.

The name is Yamaha YDP142R Arius Series Digital Piano. We are going to look at the awesome features that this digital piano has which includes realistic sound, 2-track recorder and much more.

Continue reading and you’ll end up buying a feature loaded digital piano.

Yamaha Arius ydp-142 Review – Compared In Depth

Let us jump straight to the review…

88 Key Graded Hammer Action Keyboard

In Yamaha YDP142R, you get 88 key graded hammer standard action keyboard that provides a realistic feel just like you are playing on an acoustic piano.

You get a heavier touch in the low ends and a lighter touch in the higher ends.

This develops a proper finger technique just like an acoustic piano.

This feature is found in almost every digital piano nowadays.

Superb Sound Quality

The Yamaha YDP142R Digital Piano is equipped with CFIIIS concert grand. With this, you get the tone of a 9’ concert grand piano.

The sound quality is highly realistic and awesome.

Damper Pedals

The Yamaha YDP142R has continuous or half-damper pedal so that you can increase amounts of note sustain from slight to full as the sustain pedal is depressed.

Touch Sensitivity

That’s not all:

The Best is yet to come…

With Yamaha YDP142R, you get to adjust in which style you want to play on the digital piano.

According to that, you can adjust the finger strength or playing style. There are three touch sensitivity levels for your ease- easy, medium and hard.

2 Track Song Recorder

The Yamaha YDP142R has a built-in recorder. This lets you practice one tone on one hand and capture it on the other hand so that you can practice the tone later.

Additional Accessories

The Yamaha YDP142R comes equipped with a sturdy piano bench, pocket recorder, hammer head.

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Key Specifications of Yamaha YDP142R Digital Piano are:-

Dimensions 16.6 x 53.4 x 32.1 inches
Weight 83 Pounds
Keys 88 Keys
Weighted Keys Graded Hammer Standard
Recorder 2 Track Song Recorder
  • The Yamaha YDP142R Digital Piano has 88 key graded hammer action keys so that you can get a realistic sound experience and great feel.
  • With the CFIIIS concert grand, you get a superb sound quality.
  • The ability to adjust the touch of the keys serves a huge purpose.
  • The Yamaha YDP142R Digital Piano has a 2-track recorder that records the voice that can be played after some time.


  • The number of keys are less which makes it less useful for advanced pianists.

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As we have previously discussed too that there are tons of digital pianos in the market by Yamaha. This one has got good features like 88 graded hammer action keys, CFIIIS concert grand, 2 track recorder and much more.

If you are willing to learn piano by taking pianos lessons or you want to use it to listen to songs, Yamaha YDP142R is a good one to go with.

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