Yamaha PSRE343 Portable Premium Keyboard – Feature Loaded Piano under 500 Dollars

Searching for Yamaha PSRE343 Portable Piano?

Yamaha PSRE-343 Digital Piano

Yamaha PSRE-343 Digital Piano

We have got your back.

In this article, you are going to get Yamaha PSRE343 Portable Premium Keyboard review in depth, its features, pros, cons and much more.

It has got some awesome features that you are going to love. We’ll talk about this a bit later in this guide.

Yamaha PSRE343 Portable Keyboard Review

Yamaha is a great brand when we talk about piano manufacturing. They are constantly providing feature loaded portable keyboards in a saturated piano market.

In this series, Yamaha has provided us with a huge portable keyboard called PSRE343.

Let’s jump right in…

61 Keys Premium Piano

If you are an advanced piano user then this piano might not suit your needs.

The Yamaha PSRE343 Piano comes with 61 keys that make it suitable for beginner pianists.

AUX line output and MIDI controller

If you want to play your desired tone that is stored in MP3 players, then you can do that with the help of AUX line input and melody suppressor.

In case you want great sound, then you can use this AUX line input as MIDI controller and connect it to a computer. Thereby, enjoying great sound.

Awesome Sound from Stereo DSP button

You also get built-in speakers in this portable premium keyboard that makes the sound become phenomenal.

Voices and Styles

You get 550 voices and 136 styles which you can choose from and play the piano.

Yamaha Education Suite

With Yamaha PSRE343 Premium Keyboard, you get a Yamaha Education Suite which contains a series of lectures that you can use to play sounds and learn.

Touch Sensitive Keys

You also get touch sensitive keys so that you can get expressive, great quality sound.

Additional features

In addition, the premium keyboard is highly portable with weight 21 pounds.

But that’s not all:

You also get Samson HP30 closed back headphones, a heavy duty sturdy keyboard stand, secure lock height adjustment feature which you can utilize and play on the digital piano in standing or seating positions.

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Key specifications of Yamaha PSRE343 Premium Keyboard

Dimensions 51 x 8 x 20 inches
Weight 21 Pounds
Keys 61
Tone Generation AWM Stereo Sampling Technology
Built In tones 550 voices and 136 styles
  • This premium keyboard is lightweight and is thereby portable.
  • With the help of AUX Line input, you can connect this piano to computers etc.
  • You get tons of sound like 550 voices and 136 styles which you can choose from.
  • You also get headphones, keyboard stand, power supply.


  • The number of keys in this keyboard is less. There are several other keyboards in this price range which you can but with an increased number of keys.

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The Yamaha PSRE343 Premium Keyboard offers tons of great features like 61 key keyboard, awesome sound quality, pleasant tones, great sounds etc.

With all these, the Yamaha PSRE343 is a piano that satisfies almost every beginner’s need. But in case you are an advanced pianist, you might need to consider a different piano as this one only has 61 keys.

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