Yamaha P35B Digital Piano Review – Essential Features Compared

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Finding the Best Digital Piano in your budget is hard, Right?Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

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Yamaha P35B Digital Piano Review – Compared-In Depth

Before starting, please note that Yamaha P35B provides an awesome sound and powerful features in a very lightweight instrument.

Not only that but it is the first digital piano in the Yamaha’s P Series making it a special one for Yamaha.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Sound Sampling Technology

The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano uses Advanced Wave Memory Sampling technology so that you can get a clear and realistic piano sound just like the sound produced by an acoustic piano.

As the pair of waveform changes, you get deeper, richer and clear sound.

88 Key Graded Hammer Keyboard

The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano has 88 Key Graded Hammer Action technology which means that you get a heavier feel while playing on the lower notes and a higher feel when you play on lower notes.

Not only this…

…but you can also adjust the sensitivity of the keys present on your keyboard to match your playing style.

Compact and Light Weight

Yamaha is one of the biggest brands when we talk about Digital Piano manufacturing. The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano is lightweight and compact just like several other digital pianos. This makes the digital piano highly portable and easy to carry.

One Button Operation

The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano is very easy to use. You just need to hold the Grand Piano button in order to change the piano voice.

Duo Mode

One great thing that is present in Yamaha P35B Digital Piano is duo mode. With this feature, you divide the keyboard into two halves and it permits two players to use the keyboard simultaneously.

This is great if you want to learn and practice together.

Great Sound Quality with Speakers

The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano also has a 12W Speaker system so that you can hear the sound produced by the piano easily.


We disliked one thing in Yamaha P35B Digital Piano which is it’s less polyphony.

The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano has only 32 Note Polyphony which lowers the complexity level of the sound that this digital piano can produce.

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Key Specifications of Yamaha P35B Digital Piano are:-

Dimensions 16.14 x 58.22 x 11.77 in
Weight 35.71 lbs
Keys 88 Keys
Keyboard Graded Hammer Standard
Number of Preset Voices: 10
Polyphony 32 Notes
  • With 88 Key Graded Hammer Action Keyboard, you will be able to produce a realistic sound experience similar to an acoustic piano.
  • The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano weighs less than 40 pounds making it portable. You can carry this digital piano with yourself while you go on a vacation just like several other digital pianos.
  • The Yamaha P35B Digital Piano is easy to use for the beginners as well as advanced pianists.
  • With duo mode, you’ll be able to divide the digital piano into two halves.
  • Despite having these much features, the Yamaha P35B Digital Piano comes at a comparative price in the market.


  • There is no recording feature available in Yamaha P35B Digital Piano.
  • The polyphony present in Yamaha P35B is less as compared to other digital pianos in the market.

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The Yamaha P35B is a good digital piano for beginners that are willing to learn digital piano or play tones on a digital piano.

There are several great functions like portability, 88 keys, ease of use etc which make the digital piano a good one for beginner pianists.

But the 32 note polyphony makes the Yamaha P35B Digital Piano less recommended for the advanced pianists.


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