Yamaha P155 Digital Piano – Awesome Looking Digital Piano

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Spending money on wrong items hurts, Right?

But, you don’t have to worry.Yamaha P155 Contemporary Piano

When you visit a shop to purchase an item, then you are provided with tons of other choices and you can select the one that matches your requirements.

Here we have done our research and we now present to you an awesome looking digital piano which is Yamaha P155 Digital Piano.

Down further you are going to learn the ins and outs of the digital piano and several other things too.

Yamaha P155 Digital Piano review

Let’s jump directly into the review…

Quality and a Professional Sound

With superb piano touch quality and a Graded Hammer expressive keyboard, you get awesome and professional sound quality.

This makes Yamaha P155 Digital piano a comparable one in the acoustic piano industry.

Awesome Bass and Crystal-Clear Sound

Below thing adds up to the realistic sound experience…

With CFIIIS and Pure CF Sampling technology, you get a highly realistic sound experience quite similar to an acoustic piano.

This Piano employs a superb Dynamic Stereo Sampling technology

What this means is that…

Yamaha P155 Digital Piano employs dynamic stereo sampling technology that includes a natural 4-level piano sample.

With 4 level piano sample, no matter how hard you strike on the keys, you will get a recording every time.


You can produce complex sounds with the help of 128 note polyphony.

88 Note Graded Hammer Action Keyboard

One thing that one has to check in every digital piano is its number of keys.

In this Digital Piano, you get 88 keys graded hammer technology which gives the ability to have a higher feeling in the lower ends and a lighter touch in the higher ends.

Clear Complex Sounds too

With damper coming, you will be able to hear even the most complicated sounds too.

Two Channel Built-In Amplifiers

With these two channel built-in amplifiers, you get an awesome and an authentic sound.

Transfer Songs through USB Device

Quite often it happens that you like a song and you want to share it with your friends, relatives etc. You can do that with the help of attached USB storage device.

There the tones are stored as Standard MIDI Files (SMF) and you can then transfer the tone to any PC or MAC.

You also get Music Rest, Quick Operation Guide, Sustain Pedal with Yamaha P155 Digital Piano.

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Key Specifications of Yamaha P155 Digital Piano are

Dimensions 18.78 x 59.88 x 10.55
Weight 41 lbs
Keys 88
Action Graded Hammer Keys
Touch Sensitivity Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
Number of Preset Songs 50
Amplifiers 2*12 W
Polyphony 128 Note


  • The Yamaha P155 Digital Piano contains 88 key graded hammer action keyboard that gives realistic sound.
  • With Yamaha P155 Digital Piano, you can produce complex sounds with the help of 128 note.
  • With this digital piano, you get an elegant design and 4 separate layers of stereo samples.


  • The weight of the keys might be an issue because here the keys weigh a little high when compared to an acoustic piano.

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The Yamaha P155 Digital Piano has 88 keys graded hammer action keyboard that produces professional sound, has good polyphony notes and provides a professional feel as if you are playing in a concert.

You can buy this feature loaded digital piano if it suits your budget.

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