Korg SP280BK Digital Piano Review – Speakers and Headphones Included

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In this article, we are going to have a look at Korg SP 280BK Digital Piano review. Apart from giving realistic sound experience, you also get speakers and headphones in this package too (More on this later in the article).

Korg Sp-280 Digital Piano – Reviewed In Detail

Let us have a detailed look…


Looks wise, you get an awesomely designed digital piano that will give you pride when you play it at home or as a partner on stage.

After buying Korg SP280 BK Digital Piano, you don’t need to worry about hiding it behind other musical instruments or playing it against the wall because the functions in this digital piano ae blended in style.

The Korg SP-280 Digital Piano is portable and weighs 59 pounds. You can easily place this in your room and have enough space to keep other musical instruments too in the room.

88 Key Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard
The Korg SP-280 Digital Piano has a natural weighted hammer action keyboard that provides the same playing feel similar to an acoustic piano.

You get a heavier feel in the lower ends and a lighter feel in the higher ends.

This lets you get a realistic sound experience similar to an acoustic piano.

That’s not all…

You also get Key Touch Control function which lets you adjust the key touch for up to three levels.

This gives you the freedom to adjust your playing touch and specify how your output will get affected by your playing dynamics.

Great Sound Quality with two onboard amplifiers

The Korg SP280BK also gives you two onboard amplifiers that provide 2 * 22 watts of output power which is the highest in its class. With these speakers, you get enough sound to host an entire small live event with high volume.

This is a great advantage that makes the Korg SP280 Digital Piano unique from others.

Attractive Accessories

Apart from getting all these awesome features, the accessories that you get with Korg SP280 BK Digital Piano are speakers, on stage ksp100 keyboard piano-style sustain pedal, multi-use studio-grade headphones, X-style sturdy keyboard bench etc.


You get a Line Out Jack so that you can utilize that port to connect your digital piano to speakers or a recording device.

This is highly beneficial because through this you can record tones and play them later for practice purpose.

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Key Specifications of Korg SP280Bk are:-

Dimensions 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Weight 59 pounds
Keys 88 Key
Amplifiers Two Onboard Amplifiers
Additional Accessories Speakers, Sustain Pedal, Headphones
  • The Korg SP280BK is portable.
  • It has 88 key natural hammer action keyboard.
  • With Korg SP280BK, you also get a light sturdy stand.
  • You can control the key touch control sensitivity so that on pressing the keys, you can get the desired output.
  • The Korg SP 280BK also provides MIDI connectivity too.
  • When the Korg SP 280BK is played in full volume, it gives a buzzing sound.


The Korg SP 280BK Digital Piano is a versatile and a portable digital piano with great features like 88 keys, quality and realistic sound and additional features like speakers, headphones etc.

One thing that Korg SP280BK lacks is USB connectivity. But this can be over comed with the help of MIDI to USB converter.

This makes the Korg SP 280 BK Digital Piano a value for price digital piano.

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