Kawai ES100 Digital Piano Review – Speakers Included

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

“Music is the way for getting real pleasure.”Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

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In this article, you are going to have a look at Kawai ES100 Digital Piano Review, its features and why you should but.

Keep reading till the end and you are going to know about the speakers that are included with this Kawai ES100 Digital Piano.

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano Review – Compared In Depth

Without further ado, lets jump right in…

Phenomenal Sound Quality

In Kawai ES100 Digital Piano, you get an awesome sound quality because of Harmonic Imaging technology that is present in this digital piano.

This makes the voice quite similar to an acoustic piano.

88 Key Advanced Hammer Action Technology

In Kawai ES100 Digital Piano, you get 88 key Advanced Hammer Action technology which gives a highly realistic sound experience to the pianists.

Aspiring Pianists gets an awesome feel with a heavier touch in the lower ends and a lighter touch in the higher ends. This ensures that your fingers get accustomed to the playing pattern just like an acoustic piano.

Built-In Metronome

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano comes equipped with a built-in metronome which provides lots of adjustable tempos that you can use for practising on the digital piano.


The thing that we loved in Kawai ES100 Digital Piano is its high polyphony.

Despite being priced under 1000 Dollars, you are getting 192 note polyphony with which you can ensure that you are able to play even some of the complex passages too easily.

Easy to Use

You might be thinking whether the digital piano is simple to use or not.

Let me tell you…

For Beginner Pianists, it is very easy to use. Even more, the additional features that are present in the digital piano make the usage easy for the advanced pianists too.


The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano weighs 33 pounds which make it one of the most portable digital pianos present in the market.

Dual and Split Modes

Just like other great digital pianos, the Kawai ES100 Digital Piano also has dual and split mode present in it. With this, you can play two voices at the same time on two halves of the digital piano.

This is helpful when you are a beginner pianist and you want to learn from a teacher. You can play two voices at a time with the help of dual and split mode.

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Key Specifications of Kawai ES100 Digital Piano are

Dimensions 51.6 x 11.2 x 5.7 inches
Weight 33 pounds
Keys 88 Key
Keyboard Action Advanced Hammer Action IV-F
Sound Mechanism Harmonic Imaging with 88-key piano sampling
Polyphony 192 Notes
Features Dual and Split Mode
  • The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano weighs only 33 pounds which makes the digital piano portable.
  • You get 88 Key Advanced Hammer Action technology so that you get a realistic sound experience just like an acoustic piano.
  • The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano gives you the ability to play complex passages because of 192 note Polyphony.
  • The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano is easy to use for both beginners as well as advanced pianists.
  • You also get built-in Alfred piano lessons so that you can learn piano tunes from there.
  • Lack of Display might annoy you in switching from one song to another.

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With a realistic sound experience and a quick adapting technology, the Kawai ES100 is a good digital piano under 1000 dollars.

Other features like 192 note polyphony and piano lessons make the digital piano even better to buy in this range.

All these features make the digital piano a worth for those that are looking to find a balance between features and affordability.

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