Kawai CE220 Digital Piano Review – Is this the perfect Digital Piano to buy?

Due to the ever-growing demand for realistically sounding digital pianos, the competition in this industry is continuously growing rapidly.Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

In this series, we now present you a feature loaded realistically sound digital piano to you.

The name is Kawai CE220 Digital Piano.

88 Key Wooden Action Based Keyboard

In Kawai CE220 Digital Piano, you get AWA PROII 88 wooden key graded hammer action based keyboard.

Because of this reason, Kawai CE220 becomes one of the most sought digital pianos in the market. Lots of user love this feature.

Kawai keeps on giving great features to their users every now and then. You also get Harmonic Image Sampling. Due to this feature, you get a realistic and a clear sound experience just like an acoustic piano.

Harmonic Image Sampling makes Kawai CE220 Digital Piano an icing on the cake.

USB to Device Capability

You also get a USB to Device feature which lets you record any song or practice session with a USB memory stick.

So, if you want to play any practice session on your computer then you can record and transfer the session to the USB stick and play it on your computer or even send it your teacher or friend for correction in the tone.


Another great feature that makes Kawai CE220 Digital Piano unique is that it has a 192-note polyphony which makes this digital piano highly better than the previous generation of Kawai’s Pianos.

With such a large polyphony, you can play the piano passages faster as compared to other pianos.

Dual and Split Mode

One more great thing about Kawai CE220 Digital Piano is its dual and split mode.

What this means is that one sound will play on the left side of the digital keyboard, while the other will play smoothly on the right side of the digital keyboard.


The Kawai CE220 Digital Keyboard has got an awesome satin black finish that gives this digital piano a nice look.

Additional features

You also get a built-in metronome with a variety of signatures, 100 built-in rhythms, 29 classic piano songs that are stored inside the digital piano.

In order to make your piano learning lot easier, you also get a music book for learning piano lessons.

In addition to these, you also get a bench and 22 preset sounds in the digital piano which includes strings, chorus, organ, electric piano, harpsichord and synth.

With such a large variety of choices, you can easily create a sound that you like with Kawai CE220 Digital Piano.

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Key Specifications of Kawai CE220 Digital Piano are:-

Dimensions 54 x 20 x 35 inches
Weight 176 Pounds
Keys 88 Key Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
Sound Mechanism Progressive Harmonic Imaging
Polyphony 192 Notes
Number of Preset Voices 22
Number of Preset Songs 29
  • Reverb (5 Types)
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • Tremelo
  • Rotary (2)


Other features


a MIDI, Line In, Line Out jacks, an extra USB jack, and a USB to Device compatible.


  • Touch Sensitive
  • 88 Wooden Key Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
  • USB TO DEVICE compatibility
  • 192 Note Polyphony
  • Dual and Split Mode
  • This cannot be an ideal fit for you if you are a traveller pianist

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Finally, we can say that Kawai CE220 is an elegant looking digital piano that is feature loaded and is priced at a good price range when compared to other Digital Pianos.

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano is a versatile and beautiful instrument to buy.

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