Casio PX850 Digital Piano – High Polyphony Digital Keyboard

Let me guess…

You are an advanced pianist orCasio PX850 Digital Piano

You are a beginner piano player and want to start complex tones.

If any be the case…

You have reached the perfect spot.

In this article, you are going to have a look at Casio PX850 Digital Piano Review – its ins and outs, features and much more.

Casio PX850 Digital Piano Review

Talking about the brand then Casio has a great reputation in the piano market. They are having lots of phenomenal and realistic sound producing piano in the market.


This one is above all.


Keep reading till the end and you will get to know the reason…

88 Key Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

The Casio PX850 Digital Piano has 88 tri-sensor scaled hammer action keys so that it can produce a realistic sound similar to an acoustic piano.

Its new version gives you awesome feel and unmatched speed due to ebony and ivory textured keys.

Phenomenal Sound Because of AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator)

Casio PX850 Digital Piano utilizes AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) that accesses three times more memory than its previous generation. This makes sure that you get great sound experience and remarkable expression.

USB Connectivity

The Casio PX850 Digital Piano has a USB Connectivity so that you can connect the digital piano to computers or mac etc.


The Casio PX850 Digital Piano has 256 notes of polyphony so that you can produce complex tones too.

Apart from that you also get the choice to choose from instrument tones like organs, strings, bass and electric pianos.

Split and Layer Capability

The Casio PX850 contains split and layer feature so that you can divide the piano into two parts and play a different tone in the right and left hand.

If you are a piano learner, then this feature is a boon for you. Because with this, a student and a teacher both can play on this piano.

Two Track Recorder

In case you want to record and play your performance after some time, you can do that with the help of two-track recorder in this digital piano.

Two Built-in Amplifiers

The two 20 W built-in amplifiers produce a high-quality sound similar to an acoustic piano.

Additional Accessories

The Casio PX850 Digital Piano comes equipped with a sturdy stand, a keyboard cover and a pedal board.

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Key Specifications of Casio PX850 Digital Piano are

Dimensions 59 x 15 x 16 inches
Weight 81.6 pounds
Keys 88
Number of Polyphony 256
Built-In Tones 18
Amplifiers Two 20 W each


  • You get 88 key scaled hammer action keyboard that produces realistic and clear sound.
  • You also get 256 notes of polyphony so that you can create complex tones too. This one is highly beneficial for advanced pianists.
  • Due to AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator), you get phenomenal sound quality.
  • The Casio PX850 contains USB Connectivity, recording feature too.


  • The price is high and maintenance cost might not suit your pocket.

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With 88 keys Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard and 256 Notes polyphony, the Casio PX850 Digital Piano is a must buy if you are an advanced pianist.

Regarding the beginner pianists, then this one is highly sought after digital piano that they can buy in this price range.


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